CBCGDF 2020 CCAfa Sites Annual Conference and New Media Training Webinar was Held Online Smoothly

On July 19, 2020, after intensive preparations, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)’s 2020 Community Conservation Area (CCAfa) sites annual conference and new media training webinar was held online successfully. More than 190 volunteers from 160 CBCGDF CCAfa sites across the country participated in this grand event virtually.

Promoted by the CBCGDF and another environmental protection agency, in April 2016, CBCGDF established its first-ever CCAfa site: Community Conservation Area for great bustard at Changyuan in Henan Province. Since then, in order to protect the great bustard, CBCGDF has successively established CCA for great bustard sites in Fengqiu, Henan Province, Jinzhou in Liaoning Province, Cangzhou in Hebei Province, Hulunbuir and Tumuji in Inner Mongolia, and Tianjin. The type of conservation areas covers the entire range of great Bustard’s breeding site to migration site.

The CCAfa system is conservation and mobilization of social organizations, which enables community and civil environmental volunteers to participate extensively, forms a conservation model with ecological resources such as species and habitat as the core and complementing the national protection system, and effectively cracking the tragedy of the public lands. It has the characteristics of being protected anytime, anywhere, fast, efficient and flexible. Through the participation of civil environmental protection forces, communities and campuses, and the existing national parks and nature reserves in the country targeted protection based on the migration characteristics and breeding needs of the species can be carried out.

According to the latest statistics, the CBCGDF CCAfa system has so far established a total of 160 CCAfa sites in more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and an overseas community across the country. Their types of conservation include the protection of important species and habitats. In addition, it also includes the protection of important human landscapes, typical ecosystems, and natural landscapes. It is worth mentioning that the number of volunteers across the country affected by each community conservation area has reached tens of thousands.

How to effectively improve the wildlife protection capabilities of each CCAfa site team, and how to strengthen interaction and communication, and enhance the unity and cooperation between various conservation areas?

Since 2017, when the CCAfa Team held a large, focused annual conference, many directors of CCAfa have been looking forward to the second national CCAfa annual conference. In 2019, the CBCGDF was preparing to hold an annual conference, but it was not possible due to conflicts. At the end of 2019, another offline conference was planned to be held in the Changbai Mountain conservation area, but it was once again affected by COVID-19. After two reschedules, the virtual conference was finally successfully held this time.

During the 2020 CCAfa annual conference, in order to effectively empower each CCAfa site and comprehensively improve the team’s fundraising, dissemination, and collaboration capabilities, the CBDGDF research department also specially invited staff from TikTok (Douyin), to teach the directors of the CCAfa sites how to shoot popular short videos, and combine the specific situations of protecting wild animals and plants in various places, explain how to actually operate, and shoot high-quality short videos. The staff of CBCGDF’s fundraising department detailed the fundraising rules for this year’s 99 charity day to various CCAfa sites. The staff of the communication department of CBCGDF explained in detail the communication platforms provided by CBCGDF for all the CCAfa sites, and how to strengthen collaboration in the process of dissemination and promotion of environmental problem resolution. Wu Daoyuan of the CBCGDF Nature Education Committee shared with the directors how nature education will promote the construction and development of CCAfa sites. CBCGDF research department, finance department and other departments communicated one by one about the management rules of all CCAfa sites, the questions that appeared in communication, and how to conduct financial support in a standardized and efficient manner.

The finale of the event that day was the announcement of the selection of the annual outstanding public welfare projects of the CBCGDF CCAfa. After the public solicitation of the CBCGDF research department, combined with the centralized scoring of the project review committee, 34 annual outstanding public welfare projects were finally produced, including 8 annual excellence awards, 17 annual outstanding awards and 9 CCAfa excellence awards.

In addition, after all the CBCGDF CCAfa sites agreed, an initiative was also adopted at this annual conference to build consensus and jointly exert the power of private communities to protect wildlife, habitats, ecological landscapes, and cultural landscape, etc., jointly guard the ecological homeland, and practice ecological civilization.

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By / Yao Jiahui (Intern) Modified / Maggie






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