The Dredging in Baiyangdian is Worrying: CBCGDF Concerns About Biodiversity Conservation in Xiongan New Area

Recently, volunteers reported to the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) policy and research department that some of the fishponds in Baiyangdian Lake were dredging, and the amount of work was huge, which made people worry. After understanding, the dredging project in the shallow lake belongs to Baiyangdian’s ecological dredging expansion pilot project. The main purpose is to clean the bottom silt of the previous artificial fishponds. The various large-scale machinery and diesel units used have brought noise and pollution to the environment. The cleaned reed roots floated over the water.

Volunteers suggested that scientific and reasonable measures can be selected, considering the combination of traditional dredging methods, artificial and mechanical effects are better, while reducing ecological damage.

In fact, the cleaning of silt and domestic garbage around the village’s shallow lake area is more important, and local residents have a more say in this. The improvement of the human settlement environment plays an important role in the ecological protection of the lake area.

At the same time, there is also a road project around Baiyangdian that is about to be tendered, which can be seen in the publicity article published on relevant social media: It is planned to build more than 16 kilometers of roads, including 12 bridges, of which 8 are 3000 meters + and 4 are 800 meters +. The volunteers said that the long bridge along the lake road is puzzling. They suggested that the design drawings should be publicized and the ecological impact of the construction of multiple bridges must be paid attention to.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

In addition, the relevant departments should pay attention to the continuous high-water level of Baiyangdian Lake recently.

The CBCGDF policy and research department believes that various projects should carry out comprehensive biodiversity surveys and assessments before construction, adapt measures to local conditions and time, reduce environmental damage, and insist on ecology first!

Original Chinese article:

By / Liu Xiling (Volunteer) Modified / Niu Jingmei



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