Zhou Jinfeng Was Invited to Participate in the Seminar of the State Post Bureau and Put Forward Suggestions on the “Management Measures for Express Mail Packaging”

On July 31, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited to participate in the Seminar on the Modifications and Suggestions of the “Management Measures for Express Mail Packages” organized by the State Post Bureau, and put forward some suggestions for amendments to the “Measures”.

Dr. Zhou believes that environmental protection volunteers are still not clear about the recyclable background big data and the work of the postal system in packaging reduction. They are more of the first-line experience, and it is recommended that this data be made public, so that everyone has a fuller understanding.

Dr. Zhou also introduced the case of CBCGDF promoting the take-out platforms in waste reduction. “In 2017, we proposed that the platforms should not provide disposable tableware on their initiative. We suggested it to the State Administration of Market Supervision and several domestic take-out platforms adopt the proposal. At that time, we also encountered a lot of opposition, but now this proposal has been gradually implemented throughout the country. Similar to the food delivery platform, the various garbage generated by the express delivery industry is also huge, and the reduction at the source is also very important. ” Dr. Zhou emphasized that just as public welfare organizations sued food delivery platforms, many volunteers also suggested that the express delivery industry should be sued, hoping to promote more changes.

This may not sound very pleasant to say, but it is our main responsibility to protect the interests of the public environment, and we must also pay attention to the voice of the general public. Recently we have received requests to sue express delivery companies for criticisms that remain high. Hope to make changes. “For example, Article 16 of the ‘Measures’ regards ‘low weight’ and ‘high strength’ as an important priority, but from the perspective of environmental protection, both points are wrong. First, low weight It should be replaced with a low ecological cost. Because the weight is low, the environmental cost is not necessarily low. Some things are light, but their environmental hazards are greater! Therefore, taking low weight as a standard and requirement is not as good as taking ecological environmental cost as a requirement. Secondly, we also oppose the high-strength term. High strength is the equivalent of high ecological and environmental cost. For national standards, we should not simply require high strength, we should require moderation. Of course, the overall packaging work will be promoted from the postal and standard standpoint. “

“We often emphasize that over-packing should not be over-packed, and over-packing should be punished. But what is over-packing? What are the details of over-packing? Many people have reported to me that we can see a recyclable situation now: The courier delivered it and the packed box was taken away. It was considered very good to do so. But can we ask for a ratio, a certain degree of compulsion, and a number to promote quantitatively? Now everyone’s actual feeling is that the total amount of packaging is increasing significantly. Although there is good technology and everyone is doing this work, the recyclable packaging materials used in express companies have not been final commit to the users. “

In this regard, Dr. Zhou suggested that efforts should be strengthened, and finally implemented to users, and the user-side packaging should be forced down. “From the actual operation, there has been considerable progress and considerable operability. In our next research, we must pack the intermediate links and finally reach the user the packaging is quantified to facilitate recycling, reduction and management. Therefore, in the future to formulate relevant standards, I hope that these aspects can be emphasized. I think it is particularly necessary and important. “

Dr. Zhou also mentioned that in many documents, standardization is put first, and reduction and sustainability are put behind. “Standards are also needed, because we still cannot do without them, but we can put standards behind and put environment and ecology in front. As an overall management approach, it is most important to emphasize reduction and repeated use in the content. Regarding the previous “Green Packaging Standards for Express Mails”, we have a formal letter of advice, including the “Measures” discussed today, we also have suggestions. Some of these suggestions have been adopted, and some have not yet been adopted. We will continue to provide comments and suggestions.

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By / Liu Xiling (Volunteer) Modified / Niu Jingmei






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