Police and Civilians Join Forces to Protect Wildlife | CBCGDF CCAfa Volunteers in Tianjin Was Invited Twice to the Symposiums with Functional Departments

On September 10, the Food, Drug, and Environment Detachment of Tianjin Public Security Bureau invited the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) CCAfa birds protections volunteers team at Tianjin to participate in a symposium on the protection of wildlife. The leaders of the Forestry Bureau and other functional departments also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, various functional departments and volunteers discussed how to better protect migratory birds and listened to the volunteers’ views on how to strengthen the crackdown on the behavior of endangering wild animals and increase the intensity of publicity and education.

On September 11, the CBCGDF Community Conservation Area for Oriental white stork at Tianjin (CCAfa) volunteers’ team was invited by the Tianjin Public Security Bureau’s Food, Drug, and Environment Detachment to the Autumn Wildlife Conservation Symposium. Police officers and volunteers discussed how to protect wild animals more effectively from autumn to winter.

The Tianjin Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the protection of wild animals and has set up a detachment to combat illegal poaching and trafficking of wild animals. At the meeting, the leader of the detachment proposed that illegal behaviors of wild animals should be prevented and cracked down early, starting from poaching, trafficking, transportation and other links in an all-round way. The crackdown and prevention work are fully in place, leaving no opportunities for criminals.

At the same time, it was also proposed to attach importance to publicity work. In the meeting, they displayed a number of newly designed and produced posters that can arouse people’s attention to wildlife protection. They said that this year will step up to enter the campuses to promote wildlife protection knowledge to teachers and students. CBCGDF volunteers agreed that the content of the poster was comprehensive and effective. They all expressed sincerely that they must do their best to assist the government’s law enforcement agencies in the protection of wildlife.

At the meeting, volunteers also proposed that while protecting the various wild animals in Tianjin, the Oriental white storks should be protected, because this bird is a species that poachers focus on hunting. This bird is a migratory bird. It passes through Tianjin during its migration and stays for a month or two. Most of them feed on fish. CBCGDF volunteers suggested that government departments should strengthen the protection of wetlands so that the habitat of this large water bird can be better conserved.

Through these two symposiums, the government + civil society model has made it clearer to manage the autumn wildlife protection in Tianjin. CBCGDF volunteers are more confident in the field of wildlife protection: keep their original aspirations, take on the mission, look for gaps, and focus on implementation.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Maggie, Julie






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