Zhou Jinfeng on the “Three Nos Policy” for the Construction of Ecological Civilization of Road Traffic

The ecological civilization construction of road traffic, I clicked the topic before, now I would like to expand it.

How to promote the ecological civilization construction of road traffic? We recommend the “three Nos policy”, that is, no fines for 20% speeding, no stopping for 20% speeding, and traffic accidents caused by speeding, the speeding vehicles are not exempt from liability.

If such a policy is implemented, we can save a lot of resources. For example, there is no need to change the speed limit signs on expressways.

The speed and quality of road traffic will increase substantially. The root of the speed limit is to ensure road safety, and the speed limit is an indicator, and there are many problems such as vehicle conditions and road conditions.

If a flexible “three Nos policy” is implemented, drivers can increase speed, increase road traffic, and reduce waste when road conditions and vehicle conditions are good. However, if the individual’s car is in bad condition, he/she should follow the speed limit, or more safely, drive below the speed limit to ensure road safety.

We believe that such a change in system construction is an innovation in ecological civilization. If this approach increases the flow of roads, it will not increase road construction and save a lot of resources. By reducing traffic congestion, the traffic on the road is accelerated, which can not only reduce pollution, but also improve people’s production and life quality.

In fact, like Beijing, especially the ramp entrance and exit speed limits are often very low. There are 30 kilometers and 60 kilometers, causing such intersections to become an important cause of traffic jams. If we make such a policy adjustment, a 20% speed increase will bring about a 20% increase in traffic, which will reduce urban congestion on a large scale, make people travel more environmentally efficient, and generally save fuel effectively.

This will be a good decision to build an ecological civilization. The transportation power should start from the design of the system and introduce such a new method. We think it is worth trying.

Gansu Province has carried out a test to increase the speed limit of expressways. After the improvement, the quality of traffic on expressways has improved, the efficiency of production and life has been improved, and the reduction of traffic accidents has also been achieved. We believe that everyone can creatively practice ecological civilization and improve the contribution of transportation in production and life through such ecological civilization construction.

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By / Yao Jiahui Modified / Maggie






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