Zhou Jinfeng on the Current Actual “Ecological Engineering” Projects

Recently, in response to the latest investigation on the construction of Nanyuan Wetland Park and the ecological projects to be carried out in the Shahe Wetland, the situation of the construction of a wetland park reported by the volunteers of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF explained views on such series of projects combined the actual situation of many current “ecological projects”.

“The first is the issue of environmental impact assessment. At present, many ‘ecological projects’ work on biodiversity surveys and assessments generally have defects.” There are many similar situations in reality. For example, the environmental impact assessment of many projects is very hasty, and even a report is given within a one-month period. For biodiversity, a report in such a short period of time is definitely Is not sufficient. In some places, the EIA report was falsified in order to implement the project as soon as possible. “This approach seriously violates the idea of ecological civilization, violates the existing laws of biodiversity, and does not consider the series of standards for biodiversity.”

“For the series of problems and pseudo-ecological projects that exist in EIA, it is necessary to apply for information disclosure, scientifically study and analyze the path of legal protection of the public’s environmental rights and interests, to promote the change of the current situation. The purpose is to ensure that the ecological project achieves true ecology, respect and focus on biodiversity protection. The construction plan of the project should be adjusted according to the results of the local biodiversity assessment. “

Dr. Zhou pointed out that the problems in the Nanyuan Wetland Construction Project are obvious. The CBCGDF has also negotiated with relevant parties and put forward suggestions for this purpose, but the results are not satisfactory. The tree-planting activities in the Bulaotun Wetland have provided a negative case. The Nanyuan Wetland still adheres to the traditional industrial civilization to carry out ecological projects, as is the Shahe Wetland. “By analogy, through these cases, to enhance people’s awareness of protecting biodiversity, we must adhere to the idea of ecological civilization as the guiding ideology for the improvement of the ecological environment. Mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes, and grasses are communities of life, and the simple and crude measures of industrial civilization cannot be used to build civil engineering. There are many anti-ecological civilization phenomena in the existing wetland parks and even the construction of many ecological projects, which must be taken seriously. “

Combining a series of cases such as Bulaotun in Miyun District, Nanyuan in Fengtai District, and Shahe Wetland in Changping District, CBCGDF intends to organize a seminar on wetland and wilderness protection and invite relevant decision-making departments in Beijing, as well as experts in the field of ecology, law, and other fields in the joint in-depth discussion of measures to solve the problem of biodiversity protection, with a view to forming demonstration cases and promoting them.


(Video credit: CBCGDF)

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