China’s first animal life education project launched: “Stop strays with love” and spread love for lives

On the afternoon of June 6, an animal life education project with the theme “Stop strays with love” organized by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Animals Companionship Workshop is launched in Shanghai first time.

Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary of CBCGDF, Zhao Wanping, Vice-president of Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences who proposed “Anti-Animal Abuse Law” multiple times; Wang Yusheng, Professor of China Academy of Sciences, Qin Xiaona, Founder and Lifetime Honorary President of the Capital Animal Welfare Association, Yang Yunqing (Sunnee), Thai Chinese Singer and almost 200 guests from all around the world currently at the opening ceremony.

Guests’ group photo Source: CBCGDF

CBCGDF Animals Companionship Workshop was established with the support of the CBCGDF for the Protection of Biological Diversity; it’s a welfare organization to help humans and animals coexist. The organization mainly deals with stray animal rescue, anti-animal abuse legislation, crackdown dogs and cats slaughtering and products, college life caring alliance, and public welfare activities such as keeping dogs and caring for life education.

In China, the number of stray animals has reached an astonishing 90 million, which makes up for one-fifth of the global stray animals. Most of them will encounter abuses of different degrees, some lost their lives due to this, and it might trigger epidemic and ecological Issues. Behind such a large number of strays, we saw people showing indifference and abandonment for lives, a permissive attitude to breeding. It is an urgent issue to educate them to care about lives and to coexist with animals.

CBCGDF Animals Companionship Workshop plans to associate with many institutions and build 100 in total Animal Companionship Life Education Bases,  and carry out animal companionship work systematically:

 i. To establish affordable stray animal hospitals: reduce pet owner’s cost, increase pet owner’s guarantee, and reduce animal abandonment rates.

ii. To increase coexistence between animals and humans: Therapy dogs have a significant effect on the educations of particular individuals; the project will train therapy dogs, display our platform, increase public acceptance and comprehension of the therapy dogs, and help China birth more therapy dogs.

iii. To take responsibility for life educations and training societies: We have the best development team and courses about “animal coexistence” in the country, developed “civil pet owning”, “understand animals’ pains and emotions”, “animal communication”, “care for lives” and more graduate curriculum system, series of animal life education courses with educational videos, will be launching in 10000 schools.

iv. To practice animal rescue operations: Become a companion animal welfare rescue base in the area around radiation. Since its inception, we have combined more than 100,000 animals with 404 relief organizations in 37 cities.

v. To build a global adoption network, becoming the animal companionship adoption center for the caring public: A scientific Internet adoption system will be set up to receive and treat companion animals, inject chips and apply for legal documents, and open up to loving public adoption, adoption and support in time.

vi. To raise grain for domestic rescue stations and distribute it on demand: most domestic rescue stations maintain their daily operations by collecting money from society, often exceeding their income. The project will raise food for domestic relief stations and distribute it to local relief stations on demand.

In addition to the six points mentioned above, the Working Group will continue to push for legislation under China’s Anti-Animal Abuse Law. In 2020, we collected 100w signatures and 25 deputies from the National People’s Congress to advise on the Anti-Animal Abuse Law. At least three cities in the country have to follow the law, the abuser will be punished, and will continue to promote abandonment crime.

 Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary of CBCGDF  Source: CBCGDF

In his speech, Deputy Secretary Xiao Qing said: For a long time we have been concerned with the group of stray animals, many of which are ultimately man-made, and the cruelty to and abuse of small animals endangers our beliefs of peace and respecting lives. The launch of China’s first animal life education program means that we are taking a more active approach to solving issues concerning animals and continuously conveying the concept of “respect for life and care for animals”.

Zhao Wanping said that legislation against animal abuse should be carried out as soon as possible. This year, my proposal has been accepted, but there is still a long way to go before the legislation. Only with legal grounds can animal abuse be effectively curbed. Treating animals well marks the progress of civilization in our society. It affects the image of China in the hearts of people all over the world, directly affecting the public opinion environment and the great cause of national rejuvenation. The push for civil power is significant, with the launch of the animal life education program at a timely moment.

Wang Yusheng believes that there are people in society who don’t have much love for pets like cats and dogs and that we must educate schools about caring for and protecting animals. China has done an excellent job protecting endangered animals, such as punishing tigers and pandas’ poachers heavily. Still, the state has not paid enough attention to the protection of companion animals, which requires the joint efforts of the whole community.

Qin Xiaona told reporters that although we are the strong ones and capable of suppressing the weak, doing so is wrong and harming ourselves. Paying attention to stray animals, treating life well, allowing us to live in harmony with all life is the embodiment of the progress of social civilization. The idea of setting up a life education program is very good, and I think what they do is meaningful.

“The animal companionship life education program was just an idea a year ago, and it’s finally hitting the ground today. I’m honored to get this certificate and am excited to discuss this public welfare project with other bloggers in depth. We love life, find and share its beauty, work hard in different fields, and use our content to create a valuable and loveable person. Furthermore, our content has gotten much attention and data; some are good, some are not perfect, but all have influenced people to a certain degree. It is precise because of this, and we have more social responsibility than anyone else, the responsibility to spread positivity. To influence more people with our actions, That’s the most important value we should ever create.” Zhang Rouqi, the founder of Xianzi Culture, confesses her true feelings at the scene.

 Representative of CBCGDF Animals Companionship Workshop

 “I started to do welfares when I was in college, and it’s been 14 years. Originally my welfare missions are to motivate more people to do welfares, to turn society into a better place. In April 2020, an outburst of cases of animal abuse happened in society, I led my team to focus on this problem of companion animals in the society, we have encountered many difficulties over the past year, but are greatly supported by society, we will then devote ourselves to address this problem.” Lin Qibei, representative of CBCGDF Animals Companionship Workshop concluded. He hopes more people will participate in animal protection careers. He invites all animal companionship welfare organizations sincerely, everyone that is here to participate in this career.

“We are willing to contribute our resources to other welfare organizations that carry the same mission,” he said.

Translator/ Syying




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