President Xi Jinping Congratulates South-South Cooperation: Further Release Potential And Share Development Opportunities | CBCGDF NESS Committee Madagascar Aid Project Is Actively Implemented

On July 8, President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund and the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development. In the congratulatory letter, President Xi Jinping praised the important role which is played by the fund and the college in advancing South-South cooperation, and “hoped that the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund will continue to help developing countries achieve sustainable development. In addition, the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development will continue to build a success in developing countries. Talent training bases and research platforms will make greater contributions to promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.”

Among the more than 190 countries around the world, most of them are developing countries. Among them, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world and is also a partner of the “One Belt One Road” Initiative in Africa. The increasing desertification and drought problems in its western and southern regions have troubled the ecological environment and people’s living conditions. The Chinese government and enterprises have helped Madagascar to tide over difficulties and protect the ecology through donations of materials and public welfare economic cooperation projects.

In order to further implement the expectations and guidance of President Xi on South-South cooperation, the Madagascar assistance project of NESS Working Committee of CBCGDF focuses on famine caused by severe drought in the area and the continued deterioration of biodiversity. It is cooperating with local NGOs and other relevant organizations. Cooperate with domestic enterprises and social forces to jointly rescue and carry out charitable donations to help Madagascar tide over this crisis, and at the same time build the foundation for the promotion of sustainable biodiversity conservation in the local area.

China has always paid close attention to South-South cooperation, and through the development concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, it has made unremitting efforts for developing countries to unite and strengthen themselves, deal with challenges, release cooperation potential, and share development opportunities.

In 2015, Xi Jinping announced in a speech at the United Nations Development Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that China would set up a “South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund” with an initial provision of US$ 2 billion to support developing countries in implementing the post-2015 development agenda. Later, in 2017, it was announced again that it would provide 2 billion yuan of emergency food aid to developing countries along the “Belt and Road” Initiative, increase the capital of 1 billion U.S. dollars to the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, and implement 100 “Happy Homes” in countries among the initiative. “Help the Poor with Love”, 100 “Rehabilitation and Medical Assistance” and other projects.

South-South College is supervised by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. At the same time, relying on Peking University’s high-quality teaching and research capabilities, the three modules of leadership, development economics, and national and development courses are designed to help developing countries cultivate potential Officials and sustainability leaders.

It is reported that in the past five years, the South-South Fund has worked closely with more than 10 international organizations to implement more than 100 livelihood projects in more than 50 countries, benefiting more than 20 million people, making a concrete contribution to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Real contribution. South-South College recruits more than 200 master’s and doctoral students from nearly 60 countries, teaches national development theories, shares national governance experience, builds a research exchange platform, and contributes to the cultivation of high-end talents in national governance in developing countries.

Adhering to the above-mentioned spirit ,the CBCGDFNESS Working Committee of the Green Society will also further exert the power of social organizations, participate in global environmental governance, and build a non-governmental bridge and bond for China-Africa co-construction of the “One Belt One Road” Initiative.

Author: Tammy
Edited by Angel
Translated by Luke
Original Chinese article


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