TC563 staff visited CBCGDF to discuss improving standard formulation and carbon emission of e-commerce

Recently, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), met with the staff of the standard committee (TC563) in Beijing and discussed how to improve the working mechanism of standard formulation and cooperation in e-commerce carbon.

During the meeting, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, as a member of Quality Management in E-Commerce TC563, welcomed the visit of TC563 staff and said:

The formulation of national standards should first serve the country and the public interest. In terms of ideology, structure, form and scheme, we suggest that representatives of public interests should be added instead of enterprises and industries. The CBCGDF Standards Committee has also made many standards and put forward our own opinions on the shortcomings of other institutions’ standards. We also hope that young people can learn more about ecological civilization.

We attach great importance to the review of national standards. The interest mechanism caused by the current industrial civilization influences the formulation of national standards. We would be glad if our ideas were taken on board.

For the sake of national and public interests, we also suggest that we give more time for members to express their opinions. After collecting the feedback from the members, they should be sorted out. The members with different opinions should also communicate with each other fully. We think this is the essence of the standard-setting process.

“In the formulation and discussion of national standards and other links, we must strictly abide by the procedures, but also certain improvements. We will work out a better working mechanism and thank Member Zhou Jinfeng for his valuable comments”, TC563 staff said. “Thank you for your contribution. We will do better in the future and hope to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in e-commerce carbon and other aspects.”

CBCGDF will continue to be committed to green development and ecological civilization construction. We hope that we can put forward our suggestions and contribute to the formulation of national standards.

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