Interview with Zhou Jinfeng: What should companies do to meet their biodiversity conservation responsibilities?

All businesses should commit to biodiversity, reduce the damage of biodiversity where they can, learn what biodiversity is and actively participate in the conservation of nature. The “Four Principles” of ecological restoration, the “Three Axioms” of environmental governance and #BCON (Biodiversity Conservation in our Neighborhood) are all ways for enterprises to participate in biodiversity protection. The relationship between Internet companies and biodiversity conservation is very close because several risks threaten biodiversity conservation, such as the online sale of hunting tools and endangered species. We still see many problems.

A trusted company responds to challenges and solves problems. In some cases, we offer suggestions and make corrections on time. Evaluating a company is complicated, but there is a difference between an event that is handled and an event that is not. Our primary focus was finding and correcting problems, so we didn’t seriously study and evaluate which companies were better.

We believe that an excellent company to trust in biodiversity is one that does not support activities that harm biodiversity, such as not selling wildlife hunting tools, not trading wildlife, and advocating for genuine biodiversity conservation; the higher requirement is to fulfill the corporate responsibility to participate in activities and support biodiversity conservation, which is also an excellent opportunity for Internet companies.

We’re in the business of helping Internet companies improve biodiversity conservation, and we’re often in the business of finding out, for example, which companies sell wildlife trapping equipment, which companies sell wild rhododendron seedlings. We consider it more important to solve these problems.

The Internet industry has also changed dramatically in recent years, attaching more importance to multi-faceted work, especially the goal of “dual carbon”. But that’s not enough. Biodiversity is part of our national policy, and it’s important. We need a positive response when we ask takeaway food companies not to provide disposable chopsticks, moon cake companies to reduce excessive packaging and platform companies not to sell wildlife trapping tools. It is expected that these companies will play a significant role in constructing ecological civilization, the goal of “dual carbon” and the protection of biodiversity.

(This article was dictated by Zhou Jinfeng and not verified by the author)

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