Love Knows no Borders! A letter from the teachers and students of Beijing 57 Middle School was submitted to Madagascar’s Minister of Environment

On the afternoon of September 8 (Marseille, France), Baomiavotse Vahinala Raharinirina, Minister of Environment of Madagascar, attended the 7th IUCN WCC at the invitation of the delegation and International Department of CBCGDF IUCN World Conservation Congress and had an informal meeting with the representatives of IUCN.

The main purpose of the meeting with Madam Minister was to deliver the proposal from the students of Beijing 57 Middle School.

They learned about the severe drought and biodiversity crisis in Madagascar and participated in an online lecture organized by the CBCGDF Green Children Working Group to understand the situation in Madagascar better.

With the support of their parents and teachers, the children decided to give their pocket money to support the people in need in distant Africa. At the suggestion of the CBCGDF Green Children Working Group, they have also written the following proposal in a tender and sincere way and asked the delegation of the CBCGDF IUCN WCC to forward it to the Minister of Environment of Madagascar.

The children are the hope of the future, for their love, green representatives after many twists and turns, finally achieving their wishes. After seeing the letter and the video recorded by the children, Madam Minister was deeply moved and expressed her gratitude to the children, CBCGDF and the Chinese people.

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