Reports from the CBCGDF Marseille delegations: The 7th World Conservation Congress has concluded

1. The 7th International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress 

The 7th International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress (IUCN WCC) held its final plenary meeting of member representatives in the Fjord Hall, Building 1 of the Park Chanot in Marseille, France, on the evening of September 10. After all the motions had been voted on, Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere was introduced and read aloud the Marseille Declaration, the conference’s result document.

Following the reading, all of the delegates rose to their feet and applauded and clapped. The conference’s chair, Mamadou Diallo stated immediately that the Marseille Declaration had been adopted without a vote.

2. Ms. Razan, the new president of the IUCN, delivered a closing speech

On September 10, the 7th World Conservation Congress had its closing ceremony in Marseille, France. The IUCN’s new president, Razan Al Mubarak, gave a message. She expressed her gratitude to the French government and the city of Marseille for their hospitality, and she praised the alliance’s council, delegates, and staff for their contributions to the conference. She also stated that she would take office the next day and call the first meeting of the new board of directors to foster an inclusive and diverse team spirit and working environment with colleagues in the alliance.

IUCN new President, Ms. Razan Al Mubarak and representatives of CBCGDF

3. Zhang Xinsheng, former president of IUCN, delivered the closing speech

Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, the IUCN’s former president, gave a video speech at the end of the closing ceremony. He summarised the alliance’s and the General Assembly’s activities during his stint as chairman and expressed optimism that the new president and council will continue to undertake the burden of protecting the human-natural ecosystem. “The future is full of hardships, but the future is bright,” he said, raising his arms and yelling “Action! Action! Action!” to those in attendance. Mr. Zhang’s address, according to CBCGDF representatives, energized everyone, and they were confident in their efforts over the next four years.

4. The French State Secretary delivered the closing speech

Bérangère Abba, Secretary of State for Biodiversity, Ministry of Ecological Transformation, France, spoke on behalf of the French Government. Ms. Abba’s address reaffirmed Agenda 2030 and its 17 goals, which French President Emmanuel Macron highlighted during the conference’s opening ceremony and France’s commitment to becoming a country in transition to sustainable development.

5. The mayor of Marseille delivered the closing speech

Marseille’s mayor, Beno?t Payan, addressed on behalf of the city government. “From the Mediterranean Sea to the fjords, Marseille is rich in natural biodiversity, and the vibrancy of human civilization can be found from the suburbs to the city,” Mr. Paiyan enthusiastically stated. He also stated that Marseille should use the conference to continue to enhance the goal of environmental conservation and ecological development to maintain Marseille’s status as a tourism destination.

6. The Director-General of the IUCN delivered the closing speech

The IUCN’s director-general, Bruno Oberle introduced the new and outgoing regional governors, alternate governors, treasurer, and other IUCN members, praising their abilities and dedication.

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