CBCGDF Biological Control Working Group Attended Webinar on Practical Prevention & Pest Control Techniques of Fall Webworm


On the morning of September 28, 2021, the CBCGDF Biological Working Group has its member attend a webinar on “Practical Prevention and Control Techniques of Fall Webworm” organized by Beijing Gardening and Greening Resource Protection Center and other organizations.

We attentively listened to this wonderful lecture and appreciated the biocontrol approach by releasing the natural foe of American white moth, “Chouioia cunea Yang”. We are also very concerned about the suggestions and demands of the participants on the prevention and control of American moth.

Our members paid close attention to our daily life. Earlier, our members found that the emergence of the fall webworm has once again raised our urgency of the prevention and control of invasive alien species in a scientific manner.

Chouioia cunea Yang is a kind of wasps. They are very important pollinators and a key force in biological control.

CBCDGF has been in the forefront of research, practice and promotion of the prevention and control of invasive alien species invasions. In 2020, with the research and support of Mr. Zhang Wei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the proposal drafted by the Green Council’s Biological Control Working Group has been successfully submitted to the National People’s Congress. It is recommended that “biological control” be included in the national strategy of biosecurity, and that a long-term mechanism of green prevention and control represented by biological control be established to gradually form an ecological immunization pattern.

This lecture, in our opinion, is more for the emergency control of fall webworm. It did not explain: maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity is the fundamental way to solve this kind of environmental crisis. Therefore, this lecture is technical rather than strategic.

In addition, although it mentions a natural enemy, there is too little mention of the biological control of natural enemies. In general, we combed through the literature and found that there are too few studies on natural enemies for the control of American moths in China.

According to the biological control panel of the CBCGDF, biodiversity and climate change are  closely linked. For example, the rampant American white moth this year is actually related to the unusual weather in Beijing this year – there has been an unusual amount of rain this year. More broadly, our measures to address climate change must take into account that they are synergistic with biodiversity conservation. We can’t attend to one thing and lose another.

Author/ Lucy  

Editor/ Linda







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