CBCGDF gave Biodiversity Science Lecture to middle school student in Beijing

On September 7, during the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020 held in France, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) came to Beijing No. 57 middle school to give a lecture on “the crisis in Madagas”, informing the students in two classes about biodiversity and calling on them to establish global awareness of nature conservation.

The staff of CBCGDF introduced the impact of severe famine in Madagascar in recent years, and listed the specific help objects and implementation methods of the assistance projects. The lecturer enlightened these teenagers on ecological civilization and the sixth biological extinction of mankind, and encouraged children to pay more attention to and participate in public welfare activities to protect the earth’s habitat.

At the suggestion of the staff, the students wrote an initiative letter to the Minister of environment of Madagascar. They said that they would lend a helping hand and use their pocket money to help the Malagasy people get rid of their difficulties, and expressed their good wishes to contribute to safeguard the earth.

The staff also said that protecting biodiversity and maintaining the stability and prosperity of human society need these young but caring and lovely students. We hope more parents, teachers, together with CBCGDF, will give them such an opportunity to see the world outside the campus and books and shoulder greater responsibilities.


Original Chinese Article:


Translator/ Chloe

Editor/ Daisy







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