Call on public awareness on ocean protection

The series of activities of the International Coastal Cleanup Day No Plastic @71% 2021, planned by the Ocean Working Group of CBCGDF, was launched at BOAO Tourism Development Forum on September 11. Jointly garbage picking and sorting actions were carried out from September 12, 19 to 21 in the whole country and also in Nepal, Rwanda and other international regions.

A total of 713 people participated in the event, picking up 2514.27kg of garbage, including 1037.93kg of recyclable garbage, 289.5kg of toxic garbage, 408.78kg of food waste and 778.06kg of other garbage.

The participating units include the GBCGDF Conservation Area System (CCAfa) as follows.

Larus relictus Reserve-Tianjin, Libellula angelina Reserve-Tianjin, Ciconia boyciana Reserve-Tianjin, Ciconiiformes Ardeidae Reserve-Luoshan, Mergus squamatus Reserve-Changde, Honghu Wetland Reserve, Ancient Salix Chaenomeloides Reserve-Sanxiao, Insect Reserve-Lianyungang, Wetland Reserve-Hutuo River, Tibetan Antelope Reserve-Barongxi, Riparia riparia Reserve-Qinhe, Ancient Tree Reserve-Anyang.

6 International Professional Diving Training System (PADI) dive centers

PADI registered dive center name: China Dive club, Nanjing Divers Home, Beijing Dive Companion, PADI Beijing Long Range Dive School, Qingdao Blue Honor Dive Club, Nemo Dive;

Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association Wanning, Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association Haikou, Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association Sanya volunteers;

CITIC Securities Shenzhen Branch Shennan Middle Road Business Department, CITIC Securities Shenzhen Branch Shenzhen Binhai Avenue Business Department;

Nepal Wildlife Watch Group (Wildlife Watch Group);

Nature Rwanda.

Marine litter and plastic pollution have become a global problem.The United Nations, governmental organizations in more than 100 countries and regions, and many related enterprises and private public welfare organizations have all shown great attention to this issue. We are aware that the solution to this problem cannot be achieved by a single event or hundreds or even thousands of independent volunteers. Only through a combination of government-level legislation and global collaboration, industry-level reform and innovation, and citizen-level education and self-discipline, will it be possible to return a clean ocean to humanity.


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