Birds Crime revealed by CBCGDF volunteers

On October 4, during the daily patrol, Fendou, who is in charge of the rescue station of Songha grand reserve found that in the nursery outside the wall of Harbin Huangshan cemetery, someone set up two large bird catching sticky nets to catch the birds. Huangshan is the largest cemetery area in Harbin where the trees make a pleasant shade all year round, attracting a large number of wild birds, including migratory birds, to inhabit here.

On October 5, the volunteers of Songha grand reserve in China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and Taiyang Island Reserve took joint action. They rushed to the scene before dawn in the morning and found that two large sticky bird nets were still there. The volunteers observed that each sticky bird net was more than two people high and about 15 meters long. Although it was early in the morning, volunteers found that several small forest birds had been trapped on the bird net, including one suspected blackbird chick and the other red flanked blue tailed Robin. This wild animal of significant ecological, scientific, or social value were struggling online. During the process of net cutting, volunteers accidentally found that six cages were deliberately placed on the trees and ground in the middle of the nearby woods. There were one or two luring birds in the cages. The calls of these luring birds will eventually attract their companions and make them fall into the net trap again, or get into the bird cage placed on the ground. Volunteers checked at the scene that there were more than 10 wild birds placed in the cage, mainly including the captured Dusky Thrush, Budgerigar, three Meadow Buntings, red ribbed blue tailed Robin (migratory birds of significant ecological, scientific, or social value), Yellow throat bunting (migratory birds of three values), willow warbler (migratory birds of three values) and other jungle birds.


(watch the video

Volunteers found two bird catching suspects at the same time. They waited nearby and immediately called the police. The local Dongfeng Town police rushed to the scene only ten minutes after receiving the police, quickly investigated the scene, seized the crime tools, and brought the relevant suspects back for examination. At present, the case is being further handled.

Original Chinese article :

Translator/ Chloe

Editor/ Daisy




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