The International Cooperation Department of CBCGDF co-organized the Conference on World Animal Day with International Charity Organizations

On October 4(8:30pm, UTC+8), the International Cooperation Department of CBCGDF, in collaboration with ECOR Foundation (Earth, Climate, Ocean Research Foundation), Global Youth for Biological Network India chapter and Department of Environmental Science, Central University of Kerala co-organized the Conference on World Animal Day under the theme “The Fantastic Beast”. The conference was organized to call on people to protect animals and treat them well.

The speakers and key presentations for this session are as follows.

–Linda Wong, IUCN WCP member and Deputy Secretary General of CBCGDF, gave a keynote speech on illegal international trade on wildlife, outlining the general status of the issue in recent years and the problems encountered by animal protection organizations in this regard.

–Maggie Ma, Secretary General of the International Center for Responsible Tourism China (ICRT China) of CBCGDF and Deputy Head of the Marine Working Group, described our previous work in the field of pangolin conservation, analyzed the main causes of the drastic decline in pangolin populations, and explained the catastrophe that animal shows have brought to wildlife such as spotted seals and elephants.

–Zhang Daqian, International Coordinator of CBCGDF, shared the main outcomes of the International Conference on World Elephant Day organized by the International Cooperation Department of CBCGDF, and revisited the human-elephant conflict in an effort to resolve it.

–Mahesh Kumar, Conservation Biologist, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, India, shared his views on the relationship between the “amazing” animals in nature and human beings from a scientific perspective, and the problems and insights he encounters in his daily work on tiger conservation. He also called on teachers, students and other members of the community to do their parts to protect the ecological environment and biodiversity.



Guide to Animal Protection

The best protection for animals is not to interfere with their free life.

Don’t try to get money by killing wild animals, since life is priceless and they’re not commodities.

Do not wear wild animal fur clothing, because there is a murder behind every skin.

Do not keep wild animals as pets.

Do not keep wild birds caged for sheer pleasure.

Don’t eat game. Don’t be a gourmand for the sake of your appetite.

Do not eat in restaurants where wild animals are eaten.

Do not abuse, torture or humiliate any animal. Animals have dignity, too.

Do not intimidate, feed, or chase wild animals. “Love me, leave me alone”.

For more information, please pay attention to CBCGDF Media.

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