Phil’s Call Notes by Mr. DaQian ZHANG from CBCGDF on October 30, 2021

COP15 and then COP26 – a busy week for me. On COP15 the most important news – China proposed a fund called the Kunming Biodiversity fund, 1.5 billion dollars to the developing countries that are trying to reach the 2030 target – 30% of the ocean and land area protected. Could vary, but most of the developing countries need some help to do that, that is one away that China is making the damage that the BRI may have caused. Again, the ecological, conversation, and development don’t really match that much. The pitching in from Japan and Russia and even some the European countries- that could make a difference for the whole biodiversity conservation all over the world.

I’m on the train because I went to the annual meeting of Genomics – study of genes – we just read a few reports on how the AI systems and the blockchain can track down our personal footprint and what’s better – the company’s footprint which provides us stable mechanisms for carbon offsets. I’m personally not a big fan, but this could be huge if the carbon emission can be controlled vis this market system. So, I thought that because there is no way to integrate the assets in this for now — but the technology side is already talking about that.

Finally, the recent change in the primary infrastructure in China — China is one of the leading developing countries, but it is still classified as one of the countries was required least when changing its industry. As you know, China is still the number 2 greatest emitter. President Xi took action a few months ago — basically it requires us to join the list of developed countries to cutting off carbon emissions and refine our infrastructure. For carbon – we have to cancel, and they have to rework that for 2030 …. China has released 4 white papers on energy infrastructure, just in the last week. All my friends in the energy industry are talking about carbon taxes and how that will affect the economy as a whole – aside from what’s going on in Europe and America, China is really trying to decide, and if it will cut off its own foot or not, to cut of carbon emissions – – President Xi Jinping says it is out of the inheritance of sustainable development that we are doing this and not only for national reputation, but definitely has the effect of that. China will make an announcement in COP26.

If China is to take actions, then I think the developing countries will follow.





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