Scientific Management of Ponds | BCON 050

It is recommended to guide the green production of farm ponds during the winter recreation period, which is an ideal habitat for migrating waterfowl. Do not disinfect and clear the field immediately after trying to catch them. We should learn to control the rhythm of fishery production and migrating waterfowl using wetlands, and make reasonable use of artificial wetlands to keep benthic animals and small fish and shrimp active, which are essential for migrating waterfowl to feed. Let the pond become a temporary table for migrating wintering waterfowl and achieve harmonious development of man and nature.

For a long time, biodiversity as a scientific concept has been difficult for the general public to embrace. When the concept of biodiversity conservation in our neighborhood (BCON) emerges, biodiversity will no longer be distant and mysterious. We are living with biodiversity all the time in our production and living environment. When a swallow comes into our house, when we hear a frog, when we observe a spider in the corner, or when we are harassed by mites, all of these are biodiversity. In this way. In today’s great age, biodiversity is not new to us. Biodiversity conservation, we should all be involved.

Neighborhood biodiversity conservation in artificial wetlands, represented by scientific management of farming ponds in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, is a brand-new topic, and it is a typical case of biodiversity conservation in anthropogenic areas.

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