Zhou Jinfeng’s Remarks on the Solution for Forest Damage: People’s Participation is Essential

In the global action to prevent forest destruction, what can China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation do, What can an individual do? What else can China do?

The commitment of more than 100 world leaders is crucial in halting forest destruction. But we believe that the participation of the people is also extremely important. If we reduce waste, reduce waste of disposable chopsticks, use less packaging. We can choose to strengthen the recycling of paper and plastic products, advocate large-scale reduction of packaging in daily life, reduce waste, including books and paper, recycle our books, advocate civilized Courier stations, and advocate children to share from kindergarten. (Related: From “dominant” to “hidden,” plastic book covers still holding up?)

Our actions to reduce demand or waste, which can be easily done by almost everyone, will have a powerful effect on the conservation of the world’s forests. In both climate change and biodiversity crises, people’s participation is vital. The commitment of national leaders and the construction of global regulations, policies and institutions play an important role from the source, but people’s participation can also make a huge difference from the consumer side.

In addition, there are several points that we can play a role in preventing forest destruction. For example, we can strengthen the ecological protection of secondary forests and public forests, reduce the use of drugs, reduce the practice of industrial civilization, and increase nature-based solutions in the process of afforestation.

At the same time, the participation of the people will promote the optimization, strengthening and efficient implementation of legislation and law enforcement processes. Our crisis today stems from the development of human industrial civilization, and the solution of our crisis today also depends on the participation of the people. The fundamental solution to the problem of forest destruction depends on the mobilization of broad participation of the people.

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation will continue to participate in legislative proposals, law enforcement supervision, conservation advocacy, and environmental public interest litigation. We will unswervingly follow up with the case of Shanghai Xinghualou moon cake overpackaging and other large-scale excessive packaging of food, cosmetics, daily necessities and takeout express industry excessive packaging is the same.

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Original Chinese article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/tRfFtO6pVs3EGkwhzX6FeQ




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