Migration peak for Oriental White Storks

On Nov.9, over 500 Oriental White Storks lined up and flew over Leting town, Hebei province. Many people have stopped and shot videos.

On the morning of Nov.10, Tian Zhiwei, director of Community Conservation Area for   aquatic birds at Tangshan (CCAfa), Hebei province, noticed that large flocks of Oriental White Storks have flown over the rescue station, and approximately over 2,500 of Oriental White Storks have arrived at Tangshan this winter.

Volunteers from CBCGDF in Hebei and Tianjin have been patrolling in the field since the end of October. At present, according to the volunteers’ observation in the field, the overall population of Oriental White Storks will rise by more than 10% this year compared to last year, and will reach nearly 10,000. This will undoubtedly bring more pressure on the food supply and safe transit along their migration routes. The volunteers hope that all parties can take more protective measures in the areas where the Oriental White Storks migrate, so as to avoid poisoning, starvation, or poaching occurred in the past, and escort them to the southern wintering grounds smoothly.

Original Chinese article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/8uQVTlqQpxNZvSD-ubEUvQ








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