CBCGDF Media was Invited to join a new Wildlife Media Platform -Ecoflix

The International Cooperation Department of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has recently received an email from Ian Redmond, Chairman of Ape Alliance, who introduced us a new wildlife media platform- Ecoflix to be publicly launched in November. Ian asked “whether CBCGDF Media is willing to join it and tells the stories about biodiversity and wildlife protection in China.” The invitation was readily accepted, and all the information needed for the first stage has been offered.

Ecoflix, 100% owned by non-profit wildlife organizations, is jointly built and operated by a team of an award-winning filmmaker, social media, and public relations experts. By partnering with the world’s leading animal protection organizations, and releasing wildlife-related videos, Ecoflix is committed to raising awareness and participation in wildlife conservation around the world, for the benefit of animals that cannot speak out for themselves.

As the frontier of publicity for China’s biodiversity conservation both domestically and internationally, being invited to join Ecoflix, not only shows the global affirmation of the past work of CBCGDF, but also provides an opportunity for us to take on the important responsibility of telling China’s story to the world. It is believed that in the future cooperation with Ecoflix, through our efforts, we will get more foreign organizations and people, to hear China’s voice, to see China’s progress, and to draw more attention to China’s biodiversity protection work and ecological civilization construction.

For more relevant information, please follow “CBCGDF Media”. “CBCGDF Media” is a media matrix consisting of about 50 platforms, aiming at spreading ecological civilization, promoting green development, improving public scientific quality, conserving biodiversity, coping with climate and public health crisis, and helping to achieve the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral” goals, thus promoting the construction of the global life community.

Original Chinese article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/E5o-Ddzu5cGP9aY9dEpfQw

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