The initial Completion of the Scientific Research Platform for the Conservation of the Earth System on the Tibetan Plateau – CBCGDF’s Frontier Issue “Water Tower of Asia” Serving the Ecological Protection of the Tibetan Plateau

It is known that the Tibetan Plateau is the origin of seven important Asian rivers, including the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the Ganges River, and the Indus River, and thus called “Water Tower of Asia” which needs prioritized governance from China in dealing with global climate change and ecological security.

Under the background of global climate change, the river system of the Tibetan Plateau has been experiencing a comprehensive transformation. In this respect, CBCGDF, together with Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been concerned about this issue since 2018, and has organized experts to carry out scientific research on the Zhuonai Lake outburst on the Tibetan Plateau for three consecutive years. Based on a large amount of scientific data and facts gained from study in the past three years,

the topic of “What is the impact of the imbalance and instability of the “Water Tower of Asia” on the river systems of the Tibetan Plateau?”, recommended by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), was selected as one of the 10 frontier scientific issues for 2021 by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

To promote the study to really play an important role in serving the national science and technology decision-making, serving the improvement of China’s scientific and technological strength and high-quality economic and social development, CBCGDF held a relevant consultation meeting in Beijing on August 18. Here is the link for your reference:

As a national-level society on biodiversity protection and green development, CBCGDF will incorporate intelligence from versatile experts and organizations in all fields, exerting comprehensive efforts to support the construction of the Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research, and vigorously promoting the ecological construction.

Original Chinese article:





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