Zhou Jinfeng: China’s action against climate change| 10th CSSA-UK Doctoral FOURM

On Nov.26th opening ceremony of 10th CSSA-UK Doctoral FORUM, Dr.Zhou Jinfeng, Deputy Director-General and Secretary-General has participated and delivered a speech on China’s action against climate change.

CSSA-UK Doctoral Forum is a high-level academic exchange event organized by the CSSA-UK and hosted by local scholars‘ associations with the support of the Education Section, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom. It has been successfully held for nine times, attracting more than 100 representatives of outstanding doctoral students, expert professors, university and government leaders. At the same time, thousands of Chinese scholars, visiting scholars and Chinese students from more than 70 universities in all regions of the UK have participated in the CSSA-UK Doctoral FORUM series to share and exchange their latest research results.

Dr.Zhou stressed in his speech that he is honored to participate this great event. This year’s theme is Climate and China. Firstly he talked about study and further extended to China. He said that we are now under great challenges unseen in a century, we must learn from each other.

Learn extensively, do our main job well. At the same time, if we have the capacity to learn extra knowledge, we shall learn from Western civilization. This is very meaningful. Biodiversity is our domain work. Why has human scientific research come to such a conclusion today? It is not to protect us humans, nor to protect beneficial species, nor to exterminate harmful species, but to biodiversity. This is a good reflection of the new perception today that diversity is sustainable. And what is diversity? It includes biodiversity, cultural diversity, civilizational diversity and political diversity.

Secondly, Dr.Zhou talked about China. Biodiversity on earth lasts for ages. Our civilization, culture, and political systems should be the same. There is no one single political formula suits for all countries. Bear this idea in mind, we can cooperate and learn from each other. We all need to learn what’s China’s position under today’s climate change? How should we communication with each other?

From a wider lens, China is leading on climate change issue. Carbon rights and carbon responsibility should fall on every individuals.

A few months ago, EU has published the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).This is a positive direction to boost fundamental change. Products would not only be decided by market but also carbon emissions. All these factors would influence market. This would be the fundamental change from the consumption side. This is what we call Human-based Solutions( HbS). Only individuals starts to make change, can we stop climate crisis.

Last but not least, young people like you should look into the future. In this fast-changing time, we shall all be Shennong to make changes and take challenges.

Thank you all.

Original Chinese article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/0NXSlwxBHdgFdusQmwnOAg








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