A broken wing, comminuted fracture of both legs ……the vulture shot down by a wind turbine in Liaoning |CBCGDF insists on biodiversity assessment before the construction of wind farms

A vulture has unfortunately been hit by a wind turbine, resulting in broken wings, and comminuted fracture of both legs, little hope remained for survival. Prof. Zhou Haixiang felt very sorry for the poor bird! Should it be euthanized?

It is recalled that the injured vulture was shot down by the same wind turbine at the same location as “Fatty”, another injured vulture years ago, with both legs crushed and one wing broken. This was one of the ten vultures in the Ma’anshan wind farm at the border of Faku and Changwu County, Liaoning.

According to several locals who saw it being shot down: they saw about ten vultures suddenly fly up, and one was suddenly hit when it flew across the wind turbine, and it looked like a smoke came out, and it fell straight down.

Another villager had seen more than 20 vultures in the area where it was shot down two days ago.

It’s known the power plant is right on the migration route for vultures, only 6km away from an important habitat for waterfowls like Siberian crane.

The early construction of this wind farm built near the Badger Cave wetland failed to take into account bird migration and habitat. “Efforts to communicate with the relevant provincial and county departments to see if we can coordinate with wind power companies to take some remedial measures have been made, such as repainting eye-catching ribbons on the blades of this wind turbine.” Prof. Zhou Haixiang said, “such remedial measures could probably reduce this kind of damage to some extent, but fundamentally, environmental impacts unconsidered in its construction is the real problem. New wind power projects should be built with caution, with adequate environmental impact assessments, especially for birds.”

It’s suggested by CBCGDF that Regional Comprehensive Assessment of Biodiversity (RCAB) should be taken into consideration for the construction of such a power station for the sake of nature & wildlife to achieve sustainability.

Original Chinese article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/3IsUGQqhfSUBQHq_tK42FA








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