CBCGDF Delegate participated in the Youth and Climate Change Seminar held by UNICEF China Office

On December 23rd, UNICEF China Office has invited governments, NGOs, and students to participate the seminar on youth and climate. Looking for future opportunities on climate education.

Huang Qihan, delegate of the International Cooperation Department from CBCGDF has participated this event. She introduced the organization structure, projects, climate change and youth participation, resources and fund, geography and cooperation partners, future work plan in 2 years and need of CBCGDF.

The goal of CBCGDF is to slow down biodiversity loss and realize UN SDGs. Before COP26, delegates of CBCGDF have joined the event held by UNICEF China Office. Also, CBCGDF has sent 5 delegates to Glasgow to join COP26. In COP26young delegate has asked Inger Andersen how young people could be better involved in global climate action.

In the next two years, CBCGDF will be more active in global environmental governance. Let more youth be herd. At the same time, CBCGDF will help with promoting synergies of biodiversity conservation and climate change. 

In the future, CBCGDF hopes there could be more opportunities for children to directly speak with policy makers. 

On the meeting, other organizations and government departments have shared their inspiring work.

Original Chinese article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_Ody5uNYlq13GBaByaamPg








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