Zhou Jinfeng talked about the transformation of the social organization system to promote the construction of ecological civilization

On December 17, 2021, Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF, gave important instructions on the role of social organizations in promoting social change and ecological civilization construction. We hereby summarize the main contents of Dr. Zhou’s speech as follows, hoping to arouse the resonance of the people with insight, and jointly promote social progress and change with CBCGDF.

Bottom-up changes initiated by social welfare organizations, which drive public participation in global environmental governance, are the embodiment of social progress and the hope of environmental protection work.

CBCGDF will actively promote pangolin conservation in recent years, has succeeded making pangolin scales removed from the “Chinese pharmacopoeia”, alsways advocate the wild animals, to the UNESCO. CBCGDF advised UNESCO to incorporate biodiversity considerations into the first global standard of AI ethics, and launched a series of environmental public interest lawsuits, many of which are the first in China.

In the regulations on the Prevention and control of Crop Diseases and Insect Pests issued in China a few years ago, only harmless to people and livestock are required, which is far from enough. In India, we are lagging behind in changing regulations quickly after vultures were found to have eaten pesticide-poisoned cattle. When we find these international cases and problems in domestic policies and regulations, we will speak up.

Now a lot of local officials and ordinary people, thought still found endangered species in animal protection is to catch them and sent to the zoo, isolation, protection, meet the finless porpoise is delivered to the aquarium, the giant panda is delivered to the zoo, station, human resources, cost of capital, but it is wrong from the basic concept. To protect endangered species, we need to protect their habitats and all related ecosystems, and ecological civilization, in the final analysis, is to protect the earth home on which human beings depend for survival.

As early as in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, pointed out in the great Doctor Jingcheng in Qianjin Prescription that “killing animals to survive will lead to a further life”. However, a closer look at today’s medicine, bear bile, fur and feather clothing, and different pets for fun, still cannot be banned. Social organizations, including the Green Society, have frequently called for an end to the protests, but have been criticized by interest groups and their loyal spokesmen. Laozi once said, “Not smiling is not enough to assume tao”. We also believe that the more bad people scold you, the more right you are to do.

We are willing to cooperate with all non-governmental organizations, enterprises and individuals who are committed to environmental protection and green development. We are willing to be pioneers and pacesetters for the common ideal. As a national institute, we have the courage to realize the fundamental goal of ecological civilization and the sense of mission to wake up sleepers. Only in this way can mankind stand a chance of continuing to exist.

Original Chinese Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xxqbthk4gvTO9PicBqxSuA








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