Zhou Jinfeng Talked in an Interview about the EIA of Haihua Island’s sea use planning suspected of falsification

Recently, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CBCGDF), has been interviewed by the media on “What’s your comment on the EIA of Haihua Island’s sea use planning suspected of falsification”, and Dr. Zhou gave his answer.

Questions from the media:

In 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will impose penalties on a number of EIA agencies and individuals, some will be given credit for dishonesty, and some will be rectified within a time limit. Among them, the EIA unit of Jiangsu Xiangshui Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. “3.21” special major explosion accident has been included in the “blacklist” for a long time. The EIA officer Xu Yufen, who was involved in the alleged plagiarism of the Shenzhen Bay Channel Dredging Project (Phase I) EIA document, was also included in the “blacklist”. This is the first time that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has publicly included a deadline for rectification and a “blacklist” of untrustworthy environmental impact assessments after the environmental impact assessment credit platform (hereinafter referred to as the credit platform) was launched on November 1, 2019. Ministry of Ecology and Environment pointed out that during the period of being listed on the rectification list and the “blacklist” within a time limit, the ecological environment departments at all levels shall not accept the environmental impact reports prepared by these EIA agencies and EIA personnel. If the responsibility is seriously pursued this time, and it is included in the EIA blacklist of dishonesty. What do you think of the currently hotly debated incident of “the EIA of Haihua Island’s sea use planning is suspected of falsification”? What kind of responsibility do you think should be pursued?

Dr. Zhou’s comment:

Dr. Zhou Jinfeng’s answers are summarized as follows for reference.

1) In view of the major ecological and social impacts caused by this incident, the Legal Affairs Committee of our Association has sent a letter to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, “A Letter Proposing Administrative Penalties for the South China Sea Ocean Engineering Survey and Environment Research Institute of the State Oceanic Administration in accordance with the law for allegedly falsifying the EIA”, It is recommended that it initiate an investigation in accordance with the law, seriously investigate the responsibilities of the South China Sea Ocean Engineering Survey and Environment Research Institute of the State Oceanic Administration, the EIA unit, implement corresponding administrative penalties, and include it in the EIA untrustworthy blacklist according to law.

2) One of the previous cases was the handling of the fraud incident of the Shenzhen Bay EIA. We have seen a relatively good result, and we have to give special praise to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment imposed a fine of 2 million yuan on Nanhai, an EIA unit, Chinese Academy of Sciences. But, even so, we still feel that this is not enough.

Fines against units are okay. But all relevant experts should also be seriously held accountable.

What they have done is not a small evil, but serious damage to marine biodiversity. Coral reefs are the breeding grounds and large maternity houses that many marine life rely on, but if these experts do not investigate enough, then even if we set up such a mechanism, the defense lines of our ecological civilization will continue to be broken. things will continue to happen on a large scale.

Therefore, one of our core and important demands is to take very serious measures against EIA agencies, including criminal prosecution, and hold them responsible for the damage to the ecological environment.

It is unacceptable that we have not seen these EIA experts being held accountable for so many years.

EIA work is crucial, and it is the most important scientific support link for government decision-making. For government officials, it is impossible for them to know all these factors in science and technology, so such an expert assessment mechanism for environmental impact is set up. The state has determined such a mechanism, and professional organizations will conduct professional EIA, and he should be held responsible for this. And they are also charged, and the EIA of these projects is often not a small number. Then the EIA agency charges for this, and they must give a serious, responsible and objective scientific assessment.

We know that the central government now requires solid efforts to promote major biodiversity conservation projects, continue to increase supervision and law enforcement, further improve protection capabilities and management levels, and ensure that important ecosystems, biological species and biological genetic resources are fully protected. To do a biodiversity assessment. That is to say, there should be a special chapter in all EIA reports, which is biodiversity assessment. This is the basis for decision-making.

But there is no doubt that the environmental impact assessment of Haihua Island project is completely absurd and wrong. From a scientific point of view, as a think tank, as an important scientific link in the decision-making process, it has not played its role.

(This article is based on the words of Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, is not a word for word translation. Only for reference)

Original Chinese Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/AvPMxxgpg_jpcjVk5u0BvA?st



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