Zhou Jinfeng: Formulate the national standard of “Guidelines for the Construction of Regional Ecological Civilization”, with 6 opinions for experts for reference

It was learned that the National Standard for the Regional Ecological Civilization Construction Guide (hereinafter referred to as the “Guide”) led by the Bidding Institute will hold an expert discussion meeting, and experts from the CBCGDF Standards Committee will also participate in this discussion meeting. Here, I would like to discuss some personal opinions. For experts to ponder and discuss.

First, the proposal emphasizes the establishment of learning mechanisms at all regional levels. Deeply study the idea of ecological civilization, and learn the changes of civilization under the unprecedented changes in a century.

Second, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization legislation and ecological civilization laws and regulations, including systematic review of existing and existing laws and regulations, standard systems and rules, and comprehensive and thorough revision of content that does not meet the requirements of ecological civilization.

Third, emphasize the publicity and education of ecological civilization. Especially in the education system, it is necessary to fully implement the learning of ecological civilization. At the same time, strengthen the content of ecological civilization in various fields such as cultural communication and ideological construction.

Fourth, the construction of space layout and other aspects should be based on the protection of “lucid waters and lush mountains” as the primary principle. Relevant restoration and remediation work should follow four principles: conservation principle, natural principle, limited principle and macro principle.

Fifth, it is recommended to adjust the text structure order. The protection of biodiversity is the foundation of realizing the construction of ecological civilization. In order to fully implement the spirit of the “Opinions on Further Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation” issued by the Central Office and the State Office, it is suggested that biodiversity should be adjusted to the primary position.

Sixth, strengthening the guidance of production methods and lifestyles in the construction of ecological civilization is an important manifestation of practicing ecological civilization. Food saving, clothing production and recycling, living expenses and other aspects are closely related to the people and should be reflected in the “Guide”.

Since its establishment, the CBCGDF Standards Committee has always been committed to promoting the construction of relevant standards in the field of biodiversity conservation and green development in my country. It has formulated, issued and implemented 28 group standards, including 5 biodiversity standards, “Ecological Civilization and Health Township Evaluation Standards, Enterprise Carbon Evaluation Standards, Green Textiles and Clothing Standards, Green Conference Standards, and Green Enterprise Evaluation Standards and other group standards; actively participate in the relevant departments of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security National standard formulation work; actively carry out ecological civilization thought research, and fully reflect it in the standard formulation. The construction of the national standard of the “Guidelines for the Construction of Regional Ecological Civilization” is very important. I hope the above opinions will play a positive role in promoting the construction of this standard.

Original Chinese Article:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/JkLWiwV2qQfEFXfk7XwwrA?st 



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