Tao Siming: Heishanxia Hydraulic Junction will Prove to be Unnecessary from Multiple Perspectives

To scientifically coordinate the relation of hydraulic engineering and ecological security and help guarantee a high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, CBCGDF ambitiously held an online meeting on water engineering construction and eco-security on the morning of January 26, 2022.

During this meeting, Tao Siming, a volunteer for environment protection, expressed his insightful ideas on Heishanxia water project. Here is the main content.

The river ecosystem of the Yellow River has become even more fragile and is no longer able to withstand the exhaustive exploitation by human. Moreover, to realize high-quality development and eco-protection, new hydraulic engineering projects will not be useful and favorable any more.

Since there have been tens of thousands of waterpower stations in China covering millions of kilometers, the marginal benefit of enlarging the scope of hydraulic projects will totally disappear sooner or later. However, on the other side, as these water construction develop, aquatic organisms as well their habitat and the ecosystem they live in have invariably been negatively influenced by these human activities.

Therefore, ecological conservation and anti-eco-degradation work should be given enough priority when it comes to comprehensive governance of the Yellow River Basin.

In addition, the integrated planning of the Yellow River should also press the importance of the recovery work of the river ecosystem. As long as our top target is to make progress for the whole society, then we should always keep an innovative mind and try to encounter all kinds of challenges. Since the actual conditions of the Yellow River has been changing incessantly, we should look closely into it and consider as many aspects as possible. This is an era of ecological civilization and we should always keep eyes on green development and nature-friendly efforts.

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