A Best Showcase of CBCGDF’s “Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood (BCON)” in a Scientific Research Base in Hangzhou, China 

The concept of Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood (BCON) was proposed by Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). Refers to minimizing the disturbance to the natural environment and wild animals in densely populated areas, taking into account environmental protection and regional development.

A Scientific Research Base in Hangzhou, is a successful case of BCON practice, where biodiversity is vividly reflected. People and nature coexist in harmony, the houses are scattered, the fields are full of flowers, the butterflies are flying, and tourists take pictures among the flowers from time to time. Many national leaders have visited here.

Daodao(Rice and Road) was initiated and established by the first-line teachers and scientific research teams of the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology of Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Normal University. Daodao is committed to the selection of the background environment of paddy fields, the ecological prevention and control of field pests and diseases, the identification and prevention of pests in storage, and the research, demonstration and promotion of key technologies for ecological prevention and control without pollution and pesticides in the whole process of scientific processing. It has three science and technology bases: Hope Field, a dream town of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, Hangzhou Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park, a world intangible cultural heritage, and Hongyuan, Xixi National Wetland Park.

The CBCGDF is very happy to see such a successful BCON practice, and hopes that Daodao will continue to apply agricultural technology to a wider area and build an industrial base with both biodiversity and humanistic development.

Original Chinese Article: https://homest.org.cn/article/detail?id=5663055


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