CBCGDF: The Amazing Plant Diversity behind this Garden’s Pest-free Towel Gourd|Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood (BCON-008) 

What is ecology? What is the environment? What is plant diversity? Today, we will walk into the Tianfu New District of Chengdu with the head of the CBCGDF Civilized Site, Mr. Wang, to take a look at this miraculous farm that “nurtures the life of all things by the way of nature”. Please listen to Mr. Wang’s demonstration of what is “Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood” – both green and healthy, and harmonious coexistence.

“The one we saw just now is called Peanut Grass. Sichuan people also call it Alternanthera philoxeroides. Have you seen it? There are a lot of worms bite marks on this leaf, very many and very dense. These are all eaten by worms. 

Let’s take a look at the towel gourd in this garden, because it grows towel gourd, have you seen the leaves are very clean, right? There are very few traces of worms bites. I saw an ant crawling on it. Do you see it? The towel gourd leaves are very pretty, clean, and they are healthy. So, what about the grass underneath, with so many worms, but the leaves above are almost free of pests and diseases?

Here we want to talk about a problem, plant diversity, and the protection of the environmental ecology here.

Let’s take a look at the plant next to it which is a sunflower. The leaves under the sunflower have been eaten by the worms, these are old leaves (many worms have eaten). But let’s take a look at the new leaves above, isn’t it pretty? See, there are no worms.

We have always paid attention to environmental ecology and plant diversity. In this garden, this principle is actually reflected most vividly.

Worms are afraid of sunlight during the day, and they basically hide in these grasses. Then, when it hides in these grasses, it will actually starve. Worms are omnivorous animals. As long as they eat something, they are OK. During the day, it basically hides under these weeds or even in the soil, and these little worms cannot be found during the day.

Because of its plant diversity, because its ecology and its environment are balanced, many worms hardly interfere with the foods (fruits and vegetables) that humans want to eat. “

Original Chinese Article:https://homest.org.cn/article/detail?id=5663055

Translator: Maggie

Editor: Lucy

Contact the editors: v10@cbcgdf.org;  +8617319454776


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