Where Have All the Worms Gone? Beware of Herbicide Harmful to Food Chain Health | Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhoods (BCON-009) 

The video below was taken at a site of the CBCGDF Civilization Site, a farm near Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Now, Village Chief Wang is telling us about the “people who are not far from the road” in this ecological farm.

Beautiful towel gourd, have you seen it? Beautiful leaf, there is a melon fly on it, everyone, I don’t know if it is male or female; the female worm is dangerous. If it is male, it is not harmful to towel gourd.

Look at the leaves, are they beautiful? very beautiful. There are no worms at all, so where have all the worms gone?

I’ll tell you again, come and see, the worms are all here! — on the short revolutionary grass below.

Let’s see, in fact, no matter day or night, many worms will find a habitat. We have always opposed the use of herbicides. The main reason for our opposition is not because of its so-called high residues, or the harm to human beings; but because we oppose herbicides for ecological damage, environmental damage, and plant diversity damage..

All worms, whether they are worms or beneficial worm larvae, destroy the environment, because worms have a characteristic, they also need to rest, they also need to eat, they need food, and they also have their biological chains.

And we use a lot of herbicides to get rid of the grass, although it looks beautiful, it is actually dead. As a result, these insects have no place to rest and no food to eat. They have no place to rest, no food to eat, what does it eat? So they began to eat these vegetables and crop plants grown by humans, which is what the so-called worms eat from humans.

Under the premise of such a food chain, humans not only use herbicides to curb the worms and destroy the ecological environment, but also drive away the worms, so that the worms have to ask humans for the food they need. At the same time as the worms are demanding food, humans have begun to use a large number of high-residue pesticides to control (or kill) these worms. While strangling, what are the consequences? ——These residual pesticides begin to enter the environment, enter the human life chain, enter your body, enter your stomach, enter the milk of breastfeeding mothers…bringing the outbreak of various diseases such as cancer. Therefore, we have always said that the ecology must be balanced.

(This article is based on the video of Village Chief Wang of the Civilization Station of the China Green Development Association)

Original Chinese Article:https://homest.org.cn/article/detail?id=5663055


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