Zhou Jinfeng: Set standards and Strengthen Supervision in response to more People’s Concerns | Seminar on “In-depth Problems and Treatment of Domestic Waste Incineration Pollution”

In order to further analyze the deep-seated problems existing in domestic waste incineration power generation, promote the treatment of domestic waste incineration pollutants, and put forward corresponding policy and technical suggestions, the Working Committee on atmospheric governance and low carbon development of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) held an online discussion on “Deep problems and treatment of domestic waste incineration pollution” on June 2, 2022. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF delivered a speech.

Dr. Zhou: First of all, on behalf of CBCGDF, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Working Committee for organizing this meeting, and also sincere thanks to all the experts and scholars, the volunteers and staff.

The people’s desire for a better life is the goal we strive to satisfy. Regarding waste sorting and incineration,as we know, the first thing to discuss is the study of waste reduction, which we have done on many occasions; Secondly, the issue of waste sorting and reuse should be discussed. But these are not our main topics for today. Our theme today is the standard management of waste incineration process.

When discussing the waste incineration plant, I think we should have a more correct understanding that the people’s desire for a better life is the goal we strive to satisfy. The concerns, the well-being and the happiness of the people living around the waste incineration plant should be our very important concerns.

This is closely linked with the issues such as setting standards, strengthening supervision and enforcing environmental assessment. Some people say that this may only represent a part of the people’s interest, however, our view is that we pay close attention to the interests of everyone, which is a sign of civilization progress in a new era. It is not a simple minority obeying the majority. Without affecting the interests of the majority, we try our best to allow more people’s concerns to be responded to and their well-being considered, which is a very important part of our work.

As a national first-class Academic Society, a home for scientific and technological workers and a home for science popularization, CBCGDF hope that our platform can help experts and scholars, especially those attending the conference today, to share your thoughts and experience on our motherland. I hope we can make our contribution to the people’s yearning for a better and happy life together and put it in the first place.

Once again, on behalf of CBCGDF, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the experts, scholars and friends present at the meeting. We will continue to work hard to promote the dissemination of today’s conference. Thank you.

(This is not a word-for-word translation.)

Original Chinese Article: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4777780723581805?wm=3333_2001&from=10C5393010&sourcetype=weixin#&gid=1&pid=2

Translator: Sara

Editor: Lucy    

Contact: v10@cbcgdf.org; +8617319454776


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