Jinfeng Zhou: The Return of the Little Elephant Molly to Yunnan is a Good Story in China to Learn and Practice the Meaning of Ecological Civilization

With the joint efforts of all sectors of society and China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), the Asian elephant “Molly” has returned to Kunming. The story of Molly is undoubtedly a good story in China to learn and practice the concept of ecological civilization. It reflects the active participation of people in the construction of ecological civilization and promotes the improvement of biodiversity conservation awareness. To this end, the 1st issue of Chinese Voice of Animal Research – the 22nd issue of Love Voice Salon, invited Dr. Jinfeng Zhou, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CBCGDF as a dialogue guest, to discuss the meaning behind the return of the little elephant Molly and the people relationship with animals.

Dr. Zhou said: I am very grateful to the organizer for arranging activities on the World Environment Day. Let us share the story of Molly, the elephant which is also a learning and insight of the meaning of ecological civilization. First, the volunteers reported to us and provided some evidence, photos and videos. ‍‍After a number of volunteers reported it, we started paying attention according to the workflow‍‍, and sent staff to conduct on-site investigations and do some network searches. Through these basic investigations, we hold that this is a very important and typical event, and we should seize this opportunity to further promote the discussion on the comparison of ecological civilization and industrial civilization.

Original Chinese Article:

Translator: Daisy

Editor: Lucy

Contact the editors: v10@cbcgdf.org;  +8617319454776


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