CBCGDF Calls for Concrete Steps to Build Ocean Resilience and More Sustainable Development to Restore Ocean Health

The UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, 27 June to 1 July 2022, co-organized by the Governments of Portugal and Kenya, aims to deliver science-driven innovations and solutions to respond to this environmental emergency:Humanity has been waging a war against nature and the world’s ocean — the lungs of our planet and the main source of food for more than a billion people — is now facing a multidimensional crisis driven by climate change, overfishing, habitat loss and pollution.

At 17:00 on June 27th, Beijing time, a delegation from the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) attended the opening ceremony of the plenary meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

The ocean is the cradle of life, a complete body of water. Marine pollution is an international problem.

Marine pollution is characterized by a wide range of pollution sources, many types of toxic and harmful substances, a large diffusion range, far-reaching harm, complex control and difficult governance. Therefore, marine pollution is more serious and complex than other environmental pollution on land.

The direct victims of marine pollution are loss of marine biodiversity and habitat destruction of marine species. Marine pollution also directly endangers the health of coastal people.

Why protect marine ecology?

  1. Ensure the safety of human food sources

From the perspective of biological evolution, it is the ocean that gave birth to life on earth and is the mother of life. Humans are also the product of the continuous evolution of aquatic organisms. The ocean is the basic condition for the survival of all living things on the earth.

  • Provide a livable environment for human beings

The ocean has a strong regulating effect on the climate. The coastal area is the most suitable area for human habitation. Since ancient times, human beings have consciously chose to settle in areas close to the ocean. Today, the population of coastal areas is increasing explosively. The population has exceeded the local population carrying limit.

The massive increase in human population has put more pressure on the marine environment, causing the destruction of the marine environment, which in turn affects the living environment of coastal inhabitants.    

With the expected participation of over 5,000 ocean advocates, including world leaders, entrepreneurs, youth, influencers and scientists, the Conference will ignite fresh impetus for advancing Sustainable Development Goal 14 – at the heart of global action to protect life under water. Concrete measures will be adopted to build ocean resilience and more sustainable communities, underpinned by a new wave of commitments — following the over 1,300 commitments made at the 2017 Ocean Conference — to restore the ocean’s health.

Here, the CBCGDF calls for: Advancing SDG 14 to ignite a new impetus to protect underwater life, and to take concrete steps to build ocean resilience and more sustainable development to restore ocean health.

For more information on the 2022 United Nations Ocean Conference, please visit  CBCGDF Media.

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