Limits to Growth: Exporting 12 Billion Hats a Year |Dr. Zhou Jinfeng Talks about Ecological Civilization (155)

On July 22, at the Economic Situation Analysis Meeting in the Second Half of 2022 hosted by “China Non-Governmental” magazine and Minshang Media, the experts participating in the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on many topics, including how to achieve stable growth, employment and expectations, the requirements of people’s livelihood in the second half of the year; how to optimize measures on Covid-19 prevention and control to realize continuous and effective policies; how to rebuild market confidence and continuously optimize the relationship between markets and policies; how to focus on consolidating the foundation, increase technological transformation, technological innovation, etc. to continuously cultivate long-term competitiveness and so on.

Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), was invited to speak on the Session. Here the author briefed some key moments of Dr. Zhou Jinfeng.

How do you see the current economy? Fifty years ago, the Club of Rome published its first report called “Limits to Growth”. At that time, it was concluded that the rapid growth of industrial civilization under capitalist expansion has a limit and is unsustainable. 

According to the statistics from some experts: in 2021, China will export 12 billion hats. Besides the Chinese, how many people are there in the world? There are only 6 billion people, but ??we produce two hats for each of them a year, including a one-month-old child and an elderly person over 100 years old. So, is this supply a balance of supply and demand? China alone exports so much, not counting what other countries produce. This is the reality today.

In the era of industrial civilization, capital’s pursuit of profit has shown an almost crazy momentum of growth and spread. Not only hats, but almost all kinds of products are in a state of excess. We have to recognize that there is a limit to growth, we are now at the limit of extreme overproduction.

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Translator: Lucy

Checked by: Sara

Editor: Samantha     

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