Swifts, Measuring Worms and Wetland Park | Jinfeng Eco-civilization Talks (157)

Beijing Swift flies from Beijing to Europe, and then to Africa for the winter, and it flies like this every year. But now there are fewer and fewer swallows. Why? ??When I was young, I often saw 尺蠖(measuring worms), a type of moth larvae that spits out silk and hangs itself in the air when frightened, on the trees in Beijing, but now I can’t see any insects on the trees in the city. The trees are covered with white, and they will be sprayed frequently in the spring, and the small insects will be controlled, but the birds will not be able to eat them. This situation will lead to the disruption of the global biological chain.

Some places are building wetland parks, investing more than 10 billion yuan, and carrying out ecological environment construction in core areas. Is this good for biodiversity? We did a comparative survey. In the built-up area with beautiful environment, shady trees and lush flowers and plants, 4-5 species of birds were monitored. There are 40-50 kinds of wasteland before development and construction.

??The reason why we pay attention to this issue is mainly because this wasteland is a very important bird watching spot. And because of artificial development and utilization, in accordance with the principle of industrial civilization, the native grass is shoveled away and an ecological park is built. On the surface, the greening is good and environmentally friendly. What everyone does not know is that the grass planted after shoveling is a uniform turf, and the grass seeds are gone, and some small birds that feed on it cannot survive. In addition, some birds eat small insects, but the newly built park needs to be sprayed with pesticides to eliminate the insects, so the food for these birds is also gone, which eventually leads to a rapid decrease in the biodiversity here, and the number of surviving birds is naturally also greatly reduced.

Original Chinese Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Yueh1XJjgNmIPpm9OYLrQA

Translator: Maggie

Editor: Samantha

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