Zhou Jinfeng Interviewed by China News, Refuting the “Release” to Seek  the So-called Blessing 

Recently, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF), accepted an interview with China News on the issue of the release of animals. He gave a detailed and systematic exposition of his unique and profound insights into the issue of release from the perspectives of legal norms, the harm of invasive alien species and Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood(BCON).

Question: In recent years, we have seen many people randomly release animals in some natural scenic areas, parks and other places for the so-called blessing. Will Such unscientific release behaviour cause damage to the ecological environment? Which damages?

Dr. Zhou Jinfeng pointed out that today’s life release has changed. The current release is fundamentally different from the traditional release.

There are people who specialize in catching wild birds and other wildlife. After capturing it, sell it to temple attractions, and then provide it to tourists for release.

First, hunting is illegal. Moreover, hunting will cause a large number of wild animals to get sick and die. When tourists or the public participate in the release activities, buying them to release them is equivalent to participating in the killing and capturing of wild animals.

So don’t talk about the blessing. This is definitely illegal. Without everyone’s participation, no wild animals would be hunted, and many unfortunate deaths of wild animals would be reduced.

Hunting increases the risk of zoonotic transmission. In addition, in the process of hunting wild animals, contact between people and wild animals also increases the spread of zoonotic diseases. Humans passed on to wild animals through their own and surrounding hunting tools, such as bacteria on hunting nets. After wild animals are released, they return to nature with these bacteria that originated from humans and are unfamiliar to them in the wild, which may infect closely related species or other wild animals, causing a huge risk of zoonotic diseases.

There is evidence that wild birds are infected with bacteria after being hunted by humans. When released, the bacteria they carried caused the death of a large number of wild bird species.

A few years ago, I discussed this with Master Hsing Yun. He said that now the release of animals has changed, and the current release caused a large number of deaths. It shouldn’t be.

Now, many people of insight, justice, and public welfare people have made it very clear that we should not wantonly publicize and spread this kind of release, irregular release violates and destroys the spirit of the law.


Original Chinese Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/rCoLhE-jXZDrt0r_oReoUg?notreplace=true


Checked by Lucy


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