A Dialogue on “Care for Life Education: A Mental Model Based Framework”|CBCGDF Milu Forum (Episode 5)

What is the Mental Model of Life Care? It is: in the new era of ecological civilization, looking forward to common happiness, we need to continuously develop the concept of “harmony between human and nature”, to explore the relationship between everything in a scientific way, to feel and be aware that human beings Goodness means “being a part of the nature’s life web and being symbiotic with animals, plants and other life on the earth”, and to transform it into “caring actions” in daily life.

On September 26, 2022, the fifth session of Yo Yo Lu Ming Series Interview with Experts: “Life Care Education Based on Mental Model Improvement”, hosted by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was successfully held online.

Ms. Zhang Yuanyuan, Mr. Ma Hanlin, and Ms. Su Peifen were invited as guests to talk on the book “Life Care Education Based on Mental Model Improvement”, which is co-authored by the three specialists.

Empathy is one of the focuses of life care education. There are a lot of animal cases in the book, introducing the importance of getting along with animals for the development of empathy.

Experts said: Children are born fond of animals and with compassion for animals. We shall make good use of these foundations to teach children what responsibility is, what safe coexistence is, and what it means to be empathetic.

Through biodiversity, children learn about different species and their different habits, different needs, etc. to understand how different needs are met. Although the ways to meet these needs vary, the ultimate goal is health and happiness.

The life care education course is oriented to the individual and social lives of students, aiming at whole-person education, and to improve children’s socialization ability to understand, perceive, and participate in the world. Through this live broadcast, CBCGDF hopes that, more people can realize the importance of life care education and perceive the beauty of the relationship between the growth of life and the development of the world.

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