CBCGDF’s “Low Carbon Workshop” Construction Outline Released

Climate change has become a common challenge faced by mankind, and a “Human-based Solution” (HbS) based on public climate action is imperative.

In order to implement China’s clearly stated goals of “Carbon Peak” in 2030 and “Carbon Neutrality” in 2060, and conscientiously implement the “developing demonstration and establishment of green and low-carbon social actions, build consensus of the whole society, and accelerate the formation of a good pattern of participation by the whole people”, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) launched the “low-carbon workshop” construction system. The main content of the “Low Carbon Workshop” construction outline of CBCGDF is as follows:

Guiding ideology

Taking ecological civilization as the guiding ideology, through the establishment of low-carbon workshops, we support and disseminate production, lifestyle and development concepts based on green, low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainability.


Construction purpose

The purpose of the construction is to discover the specific practice and demonstration of low-carbon development in production and life, and to demonstrate the green transformation of technologies, methods, and practices through specific carbon reduction models, so as to drive and promote the continuous reduction of carbon emissions in human society and realize the goal of carbon reduction. Neutralization and sustainable development.


“Low-carbon workshop” construction field

We should practice green development, practice people-oriented solutions, practice the concept of ecological civilization, and practice the synergy between green sustainable development and biodiversity protection.


Four principles for the construction of “low-carbon workshop”

The four principles of “low-carbon workshop” construction include the principle of openness, equality, honesty and public good.


Original Chinese Article:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/orH_9VO3Bkyg5t27yjrBWQ

Translator: Daisy



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