Zhou Jinfeng: We Should Pay Attention to and Solve the Problem of Tracing the Source of Elephants for Performance | Zhou Jinfeng Talks about Ecological Civilization (Lecture 194)

British zoos have announced to the world that their African elephants will be released into the wild in Africa, allowing the elephants that have lived in zoos of the UK for a long time to return to nature. This is the improvement of the world’s awareness of ecological civilization, and it is also a new stage of human civilization.

The traceability of the origin of elephants is actually very easy to verify. First, are they derived from wild elephants? Second, even if it is a zoo elephant, not a wild elephant, and should not be used for commercial purposes, we should try our best to return them to nature, their real home. Many elephants’ parents are rescued elephants. What is rescue? For example, if you scratch your arm and go to the hospital for treatment, will the hospital detain you and confine you in the hospital? We all know that this is wrong. The hospital should let you go home immediately after bandaging. As for the rescued elephants, should they be released to nature after rescue? Of course! And they should not be used for any commercial purposes.

I believe that many people know the story of the Siberian tiger Wandashan, which was kept by relevant departments according to some so-called “regulations”. Of course, with the intervention of all parties, it was still released into the wild. Therefore, it is completely wrong to use elephants or other animals commercially in the name of rescue, and it is also the biggest damage to the ecological environment. These so-called rescue elephants should have been released into the wild after the rescue was completed, instead of being sent to the zoo.

Regarding the traceability of Asian elephants, First, for example, if you want to determine what generation they are, you can determine them through scientific means, including genetic identification. Second, no matter what generation the elephants are, they should not be used for commercial performances, what we should do now is to let them return to the natural environment. This is the only way for us to restore the ecological environment and build an ecological civilization, and it is also the trend of human progress.

Original Chinese Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7xP7wAGWpwktdkTDaFCpWg

Translator: Daisy

Checked by Sara

Editor: Sherry

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