From Montreal to World People, Welcome to Join our “2023 International Biodiversity Conference of People (IBCOP) “

To celebrate the International Biodiversity Day, 2023 International Biodiversity Conference of People (IBCOP) will be held from May 22nd to 24th, 2023 in Beijing, China.

It’s expected that hundreds of leaders of major civil societies from China and the world would co-organize/participate in the first IBCOP after CBD COP 15, themed on “From Montreal to World People”. We will also invite heads of CBD, CMS, UNCCD, CITES, ITPGRFA, Ramsar, GBIF, IWT, and some leaders of the field.

The IBCOP will also be a unique opportunity for conservationists, civil society, INGOs, and many others to explore biodiversity cooperation between developing countries, especially in the background that during COP 15, Chinese President promised that China would take the lead in contributing RMB 1.5 billion to establish a Kunming Biodiversity Fund to support the cause of biodiversity conservation in developing countries.

The first phase of the CBD COP15 held in Kunming have received 500,000 people’s online participation through CBCGDF’s multiple live-broadcasting platforms, which made the COP15-1 a People’s COP. And the upcoming IBCOP will reach a new high – it’s expected to reach millions of people’s online participation through our media matrix.

Welcome to join us!


Mr. Li Yun,

Ms. XU Yanjun,




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