CBCGDF receives a note of gratitude from the Thai Elephant Rescue Centre

Volunteers from CBCGDF Elephant Working Group and the Endangered Species Fund Elephant Root Finding Group keep a close eye on the loose elephant in Yunnan.  With the incoming CBD COP15, CBCGDF has put more funds into the assistance of Asian elephants.

Ran-Tong is devoted to rescuing abused elephants from all over Thailand and surrounding countries. Every elephant rescued is brought to the sanctuary in Chiang Mai and cared for with great passion and enthusiasm. After receiving CBCGDF’s fund, they have given a quick response to us, showing that our fund is being put to good use.

CBCGDF appreciates the timely response and wishes the recuse work of them can go on smoothly.

Our mission is not only geared towards the protection and prevention of abused Elephants in Thailand but also to educate the public of their long history within Thai culture. Founded in 2009, Ran-Tong has rescued over 40 elephants to date with the help of public generosity, support, and private donation, they can continue their ongoing vital work.

It is understood that Ran-Tong mainly shelters and rescues old elephants, disabled elephants and pregnant elephants. Except for the three baby elephants born in the protection center, the rest were rescued from various illegal logging farms and commercial circuses in Thailand. There are now 13 elephants in Ran-Tong, who eat 3-5 tons of food every day. The impact of the epidemic has further aggravated the difficulty of maintaining the daily expenses of the center.

The Endangered Species Fund of CBCGDF has long been concerned about the rescue and illegal animal performance of Asian elephants. With the development of the international conference and field research activities in Yunnan prepared by the CBCGDF Elephant Working Group, we have further strengthened our understanding of Asian elephants and our contributions to protection.

We believe that with the holding of the International Experts Conference on Elephant Conservation in August, more and more attention will be paid to the status of wild elephant populations, as well as the impact of climate change and human activities on their habitats.





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