Mooncakes and Earth For All Being Consumed | Zhou Talks Ecological Civilization (Lecture 156)

Now the moon cakes that people eat are getting more and more expensive. It is not that the production of moon cakes has increased, but that the sales have increased and the profits have increased. How to increase it? ??A few small mooncakes are over-packed in various exquisite tin boxes, glass boxes, cardboard boxes, and wooden boxes. Some experts say that the packaging is more expensive than mooncakes. I think this is the embodiment of industrial civilization’s pursuit of profits.

Within the operating mechanism of industrial civilization, production requires profit and the market. As long as it can make a profit, everyone will continue to produce desperately. ??The annual sales volume of moon cakes in China reaches more than 10 billion. In fact, the value we really eat is very limited. Because of large-scale production, environmental resources are invisibly destroyed in this process, and the follow-up problem caused by excessive packaging is garbage disposal.

We have been calling on the issue of excessive packaging of moon cakes for several years. Through the appeal of this issue, we also want to express that excessive use and consumption of energy and ecological resources is not desirable, and we can no longer use this method of production. The problems and crux of our production are here. So, we need to fundamentally change these behaviors.

This year, the Club of Rome has published two more books. ??The Chinese version of one of them, called Earth For All, will be published soon. Earth For All pointed out that if we continue to use this excessive consumption of production and lifestyle, then our earth will be at risk, and change is imminent.

Driving these changes is still tough. But we have come to an era where we must change. We cannot only assess economic growth. Economic issues must be considered from the perspective of sustainable development, including GDP and GEP. We must also consider our production and economic development, and consider the issue of our ecological environment and the sustainable existence of human beings.

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