CBCGDF Established the E-commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee

Recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCDFF) held a working meeting to discuss and deploy issues such as the establishment of the “E-Commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee”.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF pointed out at the meeting that since the 21st century, with the increasing progress of science and technology, the development of Internet information and the increasing convenience of logistics, e-commerce platforms and online social media platforms have been involved in the illegal trade of wildlife, hunting tools and environmentally unfriendly products. The influence of environmental issues is becoming increasingly prominent and important.


Take the illegal wildlife trade as an example: With the rise of e-commerce, illegal wildlife trade through the Internet has become more and more hidden, and it is more and more difficult to track, monitor and investigate. The illegal wildlife trade online is an important factor in the loss of biodiversity, and it is difficult for the outside world to track them.


For example, after the outbreak of the COVID-19, although China issued the “Wildlife Free” regulation, it explicitly banned the trading of wild animals. However, there are policies on the top, and countermeasures on the bottom. Some merchants who sell wild animals online have quietly changed their face and used “shadow” operations; In order to avoid strict management, some illegal bird trading markets have transferred their transactions to wild birds underground, and they have already traded on e-commerce platforms and to pick up the goods offline. Not to mention that many of the tools for illegally hunting wild animals that are explicitly prohibited by the Wildlife Protection Law are easily available on e-commerce platforms, but the relevant e-commerce platforms have not fulfilled their relevant corporate social responsibilities, and the seller and the buyer did not get the penalty they deserved.


Another example is the “annual inspection artifact” of automobile exhausts, such as “Fire Lotus”, which is publicly sold on an e-commerce platform, by fraudulent means to “help” vehicles with unqualified exhausts to escape from the annual detection of automobile exhausts, which made the original exhausts exceed the regulations standard vehicles can be confused and continue on the road, which seriously damaged the public interest of the environment and public health, and also affected the management of air pollution in China.


How to promote digital fields such as e-commerce shopping platforms, social media, and web search services to become greener and more environmentally friendly? This has become an issue that needs to be considered, which is also of great significance for promoting global sustainable development, especially for building a responsible consumer environment.


Under this background, the CBCGDF E-commerce Wildlife Free Action Group established the “E-Commerce Environmental Responsibility Working Committee” and widely invite the interests of e-commerce platforms, digital companies, environmental organizations, the public, academic experts, lawmakers, credit bureaus and other stakeholders participate and promote the establishment of China’s environmentally friendly green e-commerce and Internet ecology.

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By / Maggie, Ender Sun




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