“Biodiversity Month” in 2020 – Many Modes to Join Virtually – What Are You Waiting For?

2020 is the super year of biodiversity, which aims to continuously mobilize and call on people to jointly protect the earth.


During the “biodiversity month” from May 17th to June 22nd, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) will jointly launch a series of activities with TikTok, Weibo, Huyou and other platforms, and will prepare various games for netizens. People can choose the game they are interested in and invite their friends and relatives to help them. More wonderful games will be continuously updated.


Short Videos Mode


If you are a celebrity or has big V account, you can shoot a short video (e.g.: “join the earth support group, protect the earth with us/call the earth with us”), and then post it on your TikTok account, Weibo account and Huyou, and at the same time @CBCGDF @ChumanAPP @GrassExcavator.

Or, you can also make interesting popular science videos, which will be released with the topic of “earth support group”, and at the same time @CBCGDF @ChumanAPP @GrassExcavator. There is no limit to the content of science popularization. It is suggested to take “vast ocean, magical continent, bright starry sky” as the main content, and surprise prizes for you to collect.

Netizens can also contribute videos and “join the earth support group, guard / protect XXXX with us” by adding the topic of “earth support group”, @CBCGDF @ChumanAPP @GrassExcavator.

Netizens spontaneously contribute “magical animals”, and @ popular science, experts to seek the correct answers.


TikTok Live Broadcast Mode


Various live broadcast activities are waiting for you. CBCGDF will continue to open multiple live links between May 17th and June 22nd to introduce the audience to the magical animals from terrestrial, marine and sky, the world of microorganisms, etc. Don’t you want to try the live broadcast? As long as you have reputation, knowledge, and ideas, the live broadcast is waiting for you ~


With the theme of biodiversity, we will create the earth support group through multiple live broadcasts. If you just want to participate, you are welcome to play with us.


Huyou Mode


Huyou circle is waiting for you to join. CBCGDF has opened a circle of “wild animal and plant protection” in Huyou to continuously popularize wild animal and wild plant knowledge. At the same time, there will also be celebrities to speak for wildlife protection and help China’s biodiversity protection!


Participation steps:


1. Download the Huyou app and join the circle of wildlife protection.

2. In the “wildlife protection” circle, post the contents related to a wild animal and wild plant protection in the tag of “the earth support group”, and @CBCGDF, which can help Huyou to popularize science and also ask your questions.

3. You can also protect wild animals and plants under the guide of @CBCGDF, interact with celebrities Dilraba Dilmurat, Yang Zi, Huang Zitao, and Ouyang Nana in the circle, and act as animal and plant protection ambassadors with them together!


(Note: the above activities are also carried out synchronously on Weibo)


In the “522 Biodiversity Month”, you can share interesting stories with us, or join the earth support group to call for the protection of the earth. On your Weibo, post topics in the tags of “International Biodiversity Day” and “Biodiversity Conservation”, and @CBCGDF @IFCE to participate in the activities.


Offline Mode


On June 5th, CBCGDF also plans to jointly hold “5.22 International Biodiversity Conservation Month” Theme Forum, Annual Meeting of CBCGDF’s Community Conservation Areas, concert, a field trip of ecological culture and tourism and other activities with Changbai Mountain Scenic Area Management Committee, so as to promote the first CBD COP15 held in China, improve the awareness of the whole society on the harmony between human and nature and biodiversity conservation, recommend the advanced experience of ecological civilization protection in Changbai Mountain to promote the rapid recovery and long-term development of tourism in Changbai Mountain.


Which activities would you like to participate in? Welcome to contact the working team of “Earth Assistance Group”.


Stay tuned for more coming up cool content of this Biodiversity Month in 2020.



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(Photo credit: CBCGDF)



Original Chinese article:


By / Xue Tongtong Modified / Maggie




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